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    Is immigrating quickly and easily important to you?
    The correct immigration strategy is a critical first step.
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    Canada is consistently rated as one the best countries in the world to live in.
    Find out how we can help you get here
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    Global reach. Local knowledge.
    Our team is international and we speak your language.
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    Are you immigrating as an investor or business owner?
    Maximize your business success potential.

Immigration 360

Immigration consulting cases can become highly complicated and there may a number of potential solutions for a client’s case. At the outset, it is critically important that the immigration strategy offered to our clients is ideal for their respective circumstances.  Our licensed immigration consultants, account managers, and domain area specialists work collaboratively to provide a solution that is effective in terms of fulfilling the immigration requirements and transitioning the client into their new life… Read More

Immigration Consulting

Immigration consulting is our key practice area and our other practice areas have been developed in order to support its success. In order for an immigration consulting case to be successful it requires the perfect immigration strategy...


Our investment practice is highly specialized and focused on immigration related investment. Our practice fulfills a two-step filter requirement, which adds a much higher level of complexity when compared to a one step filter requirement...