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    Business and Investment
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Business and Investment

Clark & Company also has a very high success rate and expertise in the many categories of business and investment Immigration for investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals .  Through the consulting and investment arms of the firm, immigrant’s own unique situations – business, family etc. are analyzed so that they apply for the right category and through the appropriate province or territory.  Our talented domain area specialists work together to ensure that the immigrant becomes involved in  an investment or business that matches their criteria, expertise, financial goals and also is fully compliant with the constantly evolving requirements of the different jurisdictions where they are investing and settling.

All businesses that Clark & Company recommends to immigrant investor clients go through a rigorous analysis to ensure that they offer potentially superior returns and are fully compliant with immigration requirements.   In many cases businesses that are being recommended to immigrant investor clients have been invested in by the one of Clark & Company’s financial partners, so and Clark & Company’s senior investment team has an intimate knowledge of these companies operations, finances, and potential for growth.  The investment team stays within clearly defined industry categories and  businesses and thus can offer immigrant investors a very high level of comfort for their investment.