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Industry Specific Solutions

Many immigrants in medical fields such as doctors, surgeons, specialists and technicians come to Canada assuming that their credentials will be recognized and that they will be able to work in their field. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these individuals are not able to work in the profession that they have invested considerable time and money in because… Read More 

Digital Media
Digital media is a rapidly expanding field that is perfect for many immigration clients. There are many exciting opportunities in new media technologies such as social media, internet marketing, website and graphic design, search engine optimization and more. Companies in these sectors are often in high growth and are looking for well qualified employees… Read More 

Agricultural Technology
The agricultural / green technology industry is another Clark & Company niche. The investment team has been focusing in on this sector for many years and has made direct investment in many companies in industries such as: environmental technology, clean technology, green technology, green and sustainable energy technologies, industrial scale farming… Read More