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Agricultural Technology

The agricultural / green technology industry is another Clark & Company niche. The investment team has been focusing in on this sector for many years and has made direct investment in many companies in industries such as: environmental technology, clean technology, green technology, green and sustainable energy technologies, industrial scale farming utilizing clean technology and more.

Clark & Company’s investment strategists feel that there are significant opportunities for immigrants who want to remain in or become involved in the agricultural or green tech fields as employees or managers. These could be immigrants who already have related experience and for professionals such as engineers, researchers, scientists, senior level managers in human resources, marketing professionals, executive level technicians etc whose skills and expertise are transferrable to technology companies with applications in farming, or other environmental science areas.

This niche has been identified as one with the potential for superior return on investment. As such, Clark & Company also has considerable experience in sourcing and vetting a variety of attractive investments in the niche that will help immigration clients complete their immigration process and at the same time be involved in an expanding industry in the new economy.