Digital Media

Digital media is a rapidly expanding field that is perfect for many immigration clients. There are many exciting opportunities in new media technologies such as social media, internet marketing, website and graphic design, search engine optimization and more. Companies in these sectors are often in high growth and are looking for well qualified employees no matter where they are from. Thus, Immigrants who have expertise in these fields can be placed into these companies by the Clark & Company human resources team as a crucial part of their immigration process.

Because of the rapid growth of companies in these sectors there are also opportunities for immigrants with more traditional brick and mortar experience such as printers, graphic designers, marketing and advertising executives to name just few, to transition into the one of the new digital media career paths. Clark & Company human resources professionals can work with immigration clients to ensure that they can capitalize on previous business and academic experience to build a suitable rewarding career.

Digital and new media companies fall within an investment niche that Clark & Company has extensive experience in. So, as in the medical industry, the investment strategy team can also readily access their expansive network and find companies looking for investor partners. Thus Immigrants who invest will also become a key part of the organization because of their expertise in the field.

Building companies and conducting business in a new country is a complex endeavour. When required, Clark & Company has human resources professionals and Management Consultants who can continue to work with these companies to ensure that they are fully supported in terms of hiring, employee policies and procedures, training, ongoing human resources support and a full range of business integration services.