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    Industry Specific Solutions


Many immigrants in medical fields such as doctors, surgeons, specialists and technicians come to Canada assuming that their credentials will be recognized and that they will be able to work in their field. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these individuals are not able to work in the profession that they have invested considerable time and money in because their credentials are not recognized by the regulatory bodies that govern their professions.

The immigration specialists at Clark & Company recognized that this situation was not acceptable for immigrants who moved to Canada in the hopes of maintaining or improving their standard of living and working in the career that they had worked so hard to establish. So the Clark & Company medical credential recognition program has been established so that immigrants in medical professions can be advised on exactly what they need to do to have their credentials recognized in Canada. These individuals will be shown precisely which applications need to be completed, which regulatory bodies need to be approached, how to study for the necessary exams, and how to prepare for interviews.
The Clark & Company medical industry solution also has a human resources component which means that in most cases medical professionals will be working in their field of choice through job placement. Through long time relationships throughout the medical field Clark & Company human resources professionals are able to access hospitals, medical clinics, private practices and more in a variety of disciplines to ensure that clients will be placed to use their medical training.

The investment team at Clark & Company can also become involved to help medical professionals buy into an existing practice in their chosen field. The team regularly updates its database of clinics looking for additional investor partners, vets the companies for performance and financial stability and then acts as the match maker between the business and medical immigration clients. Clark & Company can also help medical professionals invest into their own business. The investment team keeps abreast of the regulations surrounding the establishment of new practices and will walk medial immigrant investors to create a business where they can use their credentials and satisfy the legislative requirements for immigration.